Monday, October 28, 2013

Sugar Coated Lies and Pulpit Gospel

The gospel of Jesus Christ is HARD, TOUGH, GUT WRENCHING truth that CUTS you to pieces and exposes you, and only Jesus Christ can PIECE you together again IF you follow and OBEY Him. The gospel that is preached in churches is SUGAR COATED LIES, movies about Jesus Christ, nice little stories to entertain half hearted pleasure seeking so called “Christians” who DO NOT KNOW Jesus Christ.
The gospel of Jesus Christ was written in blood, His blood, and in the blood of the martyrs, those who died FOR Jesus and for truth. There is nothing funny, amusing or pleasurable about the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you follow Jesus you go onto the STRAIGHT and NARROW ROAD and you speak the words of Jesus. Jesus Christ is not glorified by lies. He is not part of the doctrines that are preached in churches. All that matters is the truth of His words in the mouths of those who FOLLOW Him and who OBEY Him.
The sooth sayers and liars that stand in the pulpits of churches are not preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are preaching a lie and they are making proselytes for their own benefit. They themselves do not know Jesus Christ and neither can they bring anybody to Jesus. They are as lost as those who sit in their churches. If you KNOW and FOLLOW Jesus Christ you will be on the NARROW ROAD, LISTENING to His VOICE, DOING His will, GOING where He sends you and DOING what He tells you to do.
Many people have become Christians in name and in confession but they do not know the ONE in whom they believe. If they KNEW Him they would be like Him. They would live like Him. They would speak like Him but the majority of professing “Christians” are not like Jesus because they do not know Him.
Have YOU met Jesus Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of lords? Are you LIKE HIM? Or are you like the FAKES that sit in churches and that listen to the sugar coated gospel that is preached from the pulpits of this world? Are you following Jesus Christ on the STRAIGHT and NARROW road or are you also deceived and LOST on your way to eternal damnation? If you were truly following Jesus you would be LIKE HIM seeking and doing the will of God the Father, not looking for fun and pleasure and an easy back door into the kingdom of heaven. THERE IS NO BACK DOOR!
There is only ONE WAY and that is: Deny yourself, pick up your cross every day and follow Jesus Christ – OBEY HIM, obey HIS WORDS and become LIKE HIM. If you are not like Him you are not OF Him.

May Jesus bless you.

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  1. weeping weeping weeping for many many moons Calling UPON JESUS to Help ME Fix Me make me whole( weeping) JESUS hears he IS alive ! I found him in these teachings And As I am healed more and more and Come More and More into the Inner courts of What I learned to SING about IN Choirs then IN My HOUSE in my Hours of Sleepless restless war mental thinking Darkest HOURS JESUS IS AVAILABLE SAME YESTERDAY- TODAY-FOREVER ITS HE GOD WHO CALLS APPOINTS ITS AMEN GOD I Desire Please JESUS before I do die ( we all is dying ) GOD may i always Be pleasing in your sight OH JESUS may I NEVER ever ever bring Shame to you ( weeping ) thank GOD for you SIR Brother J and Mrs weeping some more because JESUS is SO alive all over this Planet he talk to Others ( few few few) they say same thing Spirit In closet say- with ALL the Rhetoric- Sir me myself and i dis-connected in the 70's i sadly at a extremely young age Understood as an FULL Grown adult did ( weeping ) Father GOD SON Jesus Spirit Was - there - all the time. Voices they ask me when i go to see my Physician ( disability sadly i am on ) I can Not Speak JESUS words to any and ALL ! I PRAISE GOD AND WHEN SPRIT SAY WORK I JUMP Love JESUS in you and AMEN