Friday, October 18, 2013

Never stop working

Those who FOLLOW Jesus Christ are the Body of Christ. His Spirit dwells in them and He guides them every day. They DO the works that He did and even greater works. Many believers have been deceived by the devil. They believe and they say that they are saved by grace and not by works so they refuse to WORK. They refuse to OBEY Jesus Christ and the devil knows that if they do not WORK they will get cut off and burned because Jesus said that every branch in in Him that does not bear fruit will get cut off and burned.
We are called to bear fruit. We are called to WORK for the kingdom of God and if we do not WORK for the kingdom of God it is because we are not led by the Spirit of God and we do not belong to Him. Some just refuse to work for Him but they work for the devil and they work for their own pleasures. They go after the lusts of the flesh. They build their own little kingdoms on earth, kingdoms that will perish but they do not submit themselves to the King of kings and the Lord of lords, they REFUSE to SERVE Jesus Christ as King, Master and Lord. They themselves are their own God and they will PERISH! Their faith is in vain.
Are you WORKING for the kingdom of God? Are you following the guidance of the Holy Spirit every day? Or do you DO what YOU please? Do you go after your own lusts and your own desires? Who is your God? Jesus Christ, or do you serve your own lusts? Those who refuse to SERVE and OBEY Jesus, who refuse to WORK for His kingdom will PERISH!

May Jesus bless you.

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  1. We are called to bear fruit.
    I have undestood that the fruit is: to become Christ-like. I have to live so close to Jesus, in His presence, that I can't help being transformed into His likeness. Then, and only then, His works will be performed by me. Well, not really by "me", but by Him in me. Anything else, all other activity is a filthy rag, work of flesh.
    God bless you.