Saturday, October 12, 2013

It is NOT a GAME

To many people life is a game, and they play it according to their rules. They think it's a drama where they themselves are the main player and they do things THEIR WAY. They manipulate other people and they do anything to achieve their goals, their desires and their lusts. They think that they can also manipulate God and they conduct their religion in exactly the same way.
They interpret the Bible in THEIR WAY according to THEIR insight and THEIR preference and they think that God will play along with them. To them life is a joke because they control everything and they are always the winners!
Life is NOT a game and WE are not in control. God is in control and if we do not submit to God and do things HIS WAY we will perish. It doesn't matter how YOU “understand” the Bible or how YOU in YOUR wisdom interpret the scriptures. What matters is WHAT GOD SAYS and whether we OBEY HIM and DO what is pleasing to HIM. If we do not please Him we will perish.
We cannot do things our way. It is either GOD'S WAY or it is NO WAY. Therefor we have to humble ourselves before Jesus Christ, SEEK Him, OBEY Him and DO what He commands us to do. We need to seek HIS WISDOM and HIS GUIDANCE and DO what He tells us to do. If we lean on our own understanding we will perish. It is NOT a GAME, it is SERIOUS.
It is time to stop playing games and to realize that eternity depends on whether we OBEY Jesus Christ and DO what He commanded us to do. If we do not SEEK Him and OBEY HIM we will perish. Jesus Christ is LORD. None of us are MAIN PLAYERS, we are either servants of the kingdom of God or we are servants of sin and slaves of the lusts of our flesh.
If we live according to our desires and our flesh we will perish but if we SEEK Jesus Christ OBEY HIM and are led by His Spirit we will LIVE. Are you still playing religious games or have you stopped playing and got serious with Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

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