Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Set the captives free

It is no use fighting darkness or cursing darkness because then you are darkness yourself! Many people wake up to the deception in church and then they look for the “right” church. They look for fellowship with people who truly love Jesus but they themselves don't have fellowship with Jesus.
It is only when YOU yourself come into the right relationship with Jesus Christ and walk with Him every day, that YOU can SEE THE LIGHT because then you WALK IN THE LIGHT. And then you can take others to the LIGHT because Jesus Christ Himself IS THE LIGHT.
Only Jesus sets us FREE. “Those whom the Son of God has set free will be FREE and FREE INDEED.” And we need to STAY WITH HIM to STAY FREE but people run back to some group or some church, they run back to bondage and back to darkness!
Freedom is only in Jesus Christ when you walk with Him, when you live in close relationship with Him, then He guides you because He IS the LIGHT and then YOU YOURSELF are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD because you take others to the LIGHT, to Jesus Christ, and when they follow Him then they WALK IN THE LIGHT and then they are free!
Are YOU free? Are YOU walking IN THE LIGHT? Do YOU follow Jesus Christ every day and do you take others TO Jesus Christ so that they can also be free?

May Jesus bless you.

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