Monday, October 21, 2013


A born again child of God who has been born again of WATER and of the SPIRIT of God, such a person is LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD and not by anything else. The apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8:14, he said that:”those who are led by the Spirit of God, THEY are the sons of God.” They are the BODY OF CHRIST, He is their Head and He guides each and every individual member BY HIS HOLY SPIRIT that they have RECEIVED and that they FOLLOW.
They LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT. What is important to them is WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS. Now many believers will say:”What the Bible says.” What is important for a child of God is not what the Bible says but WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS because you can pick and choose from the Bible what YOU please and you can ignore the rest BUT if you ignore the SPIRIT OF GOD you cannot be LED by the Spirit of God. Therefor he says:”Those who ware led by the Spirit of God THEY ARE THE SONS OF GOD.”
You need to be born of the Spirit of God. You need to have that CONNECTION, be ONE IN SPIRIT with the Almighty God and BE LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD. You need to get your guidance from Him.
PRAY, LISTEN and He will guide you STEP BY STEP. That is why Jesus said:”Follow ME.” We follow Him by LISTENING TO HIS SPIRIT. “Those who do not have the Spirit of Christ DO NOT BELONG TO HIM.” (Romans 8:9) If you are born again you will have the Spirit of Christ.
If YOU do not have the Spirit of Christ you need to get down on your knees and REPENT of all sin, COMMIT YOURSELF to Jesus, be holy, be righteous, SEEK HIM, CONNECT with Him in your spirit, BE BAPTIZED IN WATER for the washing off of your sin and then He promised you the Holy Spirit to FILL YOU IN with the Holy Spirit so that you can be GUIDED by the Spirit of God. You have to FOLLOW that guidance.
Very few people follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Most people follow the advice of other people, their own OPINION and they do what THEY like but they are not led by the Spirit of God.
Do you LISTEN TO WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS and are you guided by the Spirit of God?

May Jesus bless you.


  1. I know our Lord wants us to pray to him alone in our rooms but if Im with other believers is it ok for us to ask Him and the Holy Spirit for help? How do you differentiate between the Spirit of GOD and your conscience?

    1. God speaks to us through our conscience as well. He has written His laws in our hearts. If our heart condemns us we are already convicted. Keep praying dear friend and LISTEN to Jesus for yourself.. TRUST Him and WAIT on Him, He will answer. Do not trust ANY other person even though they claim to be guided by the Holy Spirit.
      May Jesus bless you.