Saturday, August 30, 2014

ONE SMALL SIN can take you to HELL

Sin destroys our relationship with Jesus Christ. ONE SINGLE SIN separates us from God. If we have one stone in our shoe, just a small pebble,  we cannot walk, we have got to stop walking and take it out. Committing ONE SIN prevents us from walking with Jesus  and it separates us from Him because sin forms a barrier between us and Jesus Christ.
We cannot afford to tolerate even ONE SINGLE SIN IN OUR LIVES, NOT ONE LIE, not even what they call a WHITE LIE, all lies are BLACK (sin), because ONE SIN  CAN SEPARATE YOU FROM GOD AND CAUSE YOU TO END UP IN HELL.
Jesus said:”Be PERFECT as your Father in Heaven is PERFECT.” He requires of us a PERFECT relationship with Him, PERFECT OBEDIENCE, UTTER HOLINESS because without holiness no man shall see God. If we are not pure and utterly holy we cannot walk with Jesus and we will not enter the Kingdom of God.
Be SERIOUS, be PURE, be HOLY, guard your relationship with Jesus Christ and DO NOT SIN AT ALL.
May Jesus bless you.

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