Thursday, May 18, 2017

Embrace Jesus

It is not enough just to believe in Jesus Christ. We have to embrace Him. We have to open our
arms and accept Him. In order for us to embrace Jesus Christ and hold
on to Him we have to let go of everything else. We cannot embrace
Jesus and hold on to Him if we are still holding on to other things.
We have to embrace Jesus Christ and His teachings, everything about
Jesus, and we have to go after Him, follow Him. We have to embrace
His words, obey His words.
We have to repent, turn
away from everything else, let go of it, and go after Jesus. Be
baptized in water. Seek His Spirit, embrace Him, invite Him into our
lives Seek Him with all our power, with everything that is in us.
Embrace Him and Jesus Christ will show himself to you as real. Jesus
Christ has no pleasure in a half-hearted believer, a person who just
wants to believe in Him for salvation.
Jesus requires of us that
we embrace Him with all our heart, with all our power, that we serve
Him. If we truly love Him, if we love Him we will obey His words and
he will reveal Himself to us. We will get to know Him for real. Most
people only want the things of Jesus. They want salvation, they want
His blessings, they want His healing, they want His forgiveness, but
they don't want Him. They don't want His words, they don't want His
commands. They don't want His discipline, and that is why He will say
to them:"Go away, I never knew you." They never embraced
Him. Many just want His gifts. Many just want his Holy Spirit gifts,
they want to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, they want gift of
healing and they want to spiritual gifts for themselves for their own
glory. Many churches, many pastors just want the gifts of God to
glorify themselves, to profit for themselves, but they don't want
Jesus Christ. If we do not embrace Jesus and go after Him with all
our power, then it is all in vain. He knows the heart of every
person. We cannot fool Him. If we do not want Jesus and we do not
embrace Him with all our heart, we will not have life.
Have you embraced Jesus?
Do you go after Him with all your power? Have you given up everything
for Jesus and do you truly love Him? There is only one way to follow
and obey Jesus and to have eternal life, and that is to embrace Him
with all our power, to love Him and to stay with Him go after Him
until the very end. Embrace Jesus and you will live.
May Jesus bless you.

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