Monday, May 22, 2017

Seek the Lord He will answer

Jesus Christ is Lord, He
is mighty. He is almighty. There is nothing that He cannot do, but He
will not force Himself on us. Without Jesus we can do nothing, but if
we ask Jesus to involve Himself in our lives, He will do the
impossible. He will do mighty things, because all power and all
authority belongs to Jesus Christ, and He wants to reveal Himself in
and through us. He wants to show Himself to us as Lord, as God
Almighty. We just need to seek Him. We just need to ask Him and He
will demonstrate Himself in a mighty way.
We cannot change the
world, but if we start praying and we ask Jesus then He can and He
will. We cannot change ourselves, we cannot change other people, but
Jesus can if we ask Him. Jesus Christ answers the prayers of those
who diligently seek Him. Those who seek Him find Him. If you need
wisdom, ask of Jesus and He will give it to you. Whatever you need,
go to Jesus, but if you do not ask Him you will not receive.
This world is in terrible
darkness it is falling to pieces, but if we do not invite Jesus if we
do not ask him to help us to come down and change this world then He
will not. If we as his children seek Him, if we plead Him, if we ask
Him He will come down and He will change this world. He will change
us, but we have to submit ourselves to Him. Pray according to His
will. It is not His will that anyone perish. It is not his will that
this world be destroyed. It is not his will that anybody ends up in
hell, but if we do not ask Jesus to come down, to bring a Spirit of
Conviction on this world, for the Holy Spirit to convict the world of
sin, righteousness and judgment, then many will perish.
We have to pray, ask Jesus
to send His Spirit to convict the world. If we pray Jesus will
answer. If we pray Jesus will lift us up. If we seek Jesus then He
will reveal Himself to us, but if we don't we will perish, many will
perish. Without Jesus we can do nothing. Seek Jesus, pray, seek Him
with all your heart. If we hunger and thirst for Him He will satisfy
us. If we call on Him He will answer us. If we reach out to Him, He
will be quick to answer our prayers. Seek Jesus. He is waiting for us
to call on Him.
May Jesus bless you.


  1. Feeling discouragedJune 1, 2017 at 7:24 AM

    Amen and you. I came here after watching your Youtube video "Why People Cannot Receive The Holy Spirit". You basically say that its from unrepentance and sin which makes sense even though its hard to hear. But what happened to knock and the door will be opened and ALL those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled? I have done an Esther fast, been baptised in The River Jordan and led people to Christ but still nothing. I've come a long way in changing my life and habits wanting to be acceptable but I'm still not good enough. If I'm supposed to be perfect before He wants me then what is role of grace? I haven't quit because I know there is nowhere else to go but I feel sad, useless and rejected by God just like my earthly father did.

    1. Dear friend, examine your motives. What are you after? Do you want to bring glory to Jesus and serve Him or are you looking for gifts, a guarantee, assurances? We can never make ourselves deserving of any gift from Jesus. He freely GIVES to those who seek HIS kingdom and His righteousness.
      May Jesus bless you.

    2. Feeling discouragedJune 1, 2017 at 8:37 AM

      Amen and you. Thank you very much for replying. What I'm looking for is love. I was a moslem by birth but converted to Christianity because Christians are sons and not slaves and because there is grace. I found that so beautiful. I just want to hear from God like others do and be accepted, guided and loved. I'm totally blind here and can't do anything. I need Him but I can't find Him. God is there for people in the Bible and those I know personally. That's why I have continued to hang in there and search for Him. I don't think I'm so special in a good or bad way that I'm the only one God will reject but the fact is that I'm still not baptized by the Holy Spirit after asking for 8 years. Is that not rejection? That's what lead me to your Youtube and then here. I don't even have anyone to share this with. I can't tell unbelievers that though I know Jesus is Lord, He doesn't want me. He could want them so I must not put them off. And you're right. Its not about going to Church, abstaining from things and talking the talk. If you don't hear the Shepard you're not His sheep. I don't know what to do now. I certainly can't go back to islam that is out of the question and I can't turn back to wordliness because that is equally disgusting now but I do feel deeply sad and that I'm not good enough again.

    3. Dear friend, have you been baptized in water yet? Jesus promised His Holy Spirit baptism to those who repent and are baptized. Many make the mistake of seeking the gift instead of seeking Jesus. We must not just seek an experience. We must seek Jesus, obey His words, live for Him every day, thank Him, praise Him, testify for Him and we will experience Him every day. He gives the Holy Spirit and much, much more. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ who comes and dwell in and with us. Jesus loves you and He wants you. He paid the ultimate price for you, He gave His life, and He never changes. We must not base our relationship with Jesus on what we receive from Him, He has already given His life for us - we must prove our love for Him by living our lives to glorify Him, then we will experience His presence all the time.

  2. Feeling encouragedJune 8, 2017 at 3:32 AM

    TESTIMONY! @nathanielblow when you started saying Olowo gbogboro you prayed about the long hand that reaches to free us. I started praying and used the word "Deliverer". Suddenly I started speaking in tongues for the first time in my life. I have been saved and done what I can as sinner to act right yet I did not speak in tongues. The gift He says is freely given never came to me. I tried to quit my faith because I was doubting but since I have nowhere to go but God I hung in there. But I felt more a dog licking the crumbs off the floor than a child of God dining at His table. I even found a Christian blog with a post about Christianas who don't receive the Holy Spirit. I posted a long comment there that God is rejecting me and doesn't want me like my biological father. I have prayed, fasted and begged to no avail until last night. I want to thank you for obeying the prompting of the Spirit and creating this great move of God. May He bless you beyond your wildest imagination and bless every single one of the thousands of you that keyed in last night to create that atmosphere. The Holy Spirit came down and settled on me. It is thanks to the Father, the Son, the Spirit and each of you. Glory, hallelujah!!!!!!!

  3. Feeling encouragedJune 8, 2017 at 11:06 AM

    Oh dear. Sorry, sir. I thought I put some context to explain this post but I guess in my excitement I just copied and pasted it. I saw a Hallelujah Challenge for the month of June and joined in. This is my testimony, sent to @nathanielblow on instagram. He is a gospel artiste who called the challenge. Just had to share my testimony with you too. Thank you!