Wednesday, May 31, 2017

You are not what you BELIEVE

You are not what you
believe that you are. You are what you were born and you are what you
do. If you were born a man or a woman that is what you will be. You
can mutilate yourself to try and change your outward appearance, or
your physical, but you will not change what you are. Many people
believe that they are saved because they believe in Jesus, but they
do not follow nor obey Jesus Christ.
If you sin, you are a
sinner. If you lie, you are a liar. if you steal you are a thief. If
you follow Jesus Christ and you do what He commands you to do and
then you are a saint, you're a child of God. You are what you. If you
sin you are not a child of God, you're a child of the devil. A child
of God does not sin. A person who is saved from sin stays away from
sin, he does not practice sin, he obeys Jesus Christ. If you believe
that Jesus Christ is Lord then you will obey Him, you will do as He
commanded; you will repent and be baptized in water, you will go
after Jesus and you will live according to His words, in obedience to
His commands, as recorded in the Gospels also, Matthew, Mark Luke and
John. But if you disregard and disobey Jesus Christ then you do not
believe in Him. You might just believe that you are saved and that
you're going to heaven but you believe a lie, because you're on your
way to hell.
If you want to enter the
kingdom of God and have eternal life you have to obey and follow
Jesus Christ. If you do not follow Jesus you will end up in hell,
then you are not a Christian, you are not a child of God. You are
what you do, and if you do not live the truth and you're only
deceiving yourself and the truth will catch up with you sooner or
later. Those who love and live lies will end up in hell. If you
believe the truth, the truth will set you free, because you will walk
in truth, you will live in truth; but if you love lies and you live
lies your will perish. Do you love the truth? Do you love Jesus
Christ? Do you follow and obey Him? Do you do as He commanded, or do
you just believe a lie.
Obey Jesus Christ and
thereby prove that you truly believe in Him. Faith without works is
dead, it cannot save you. Believe in Jesus and do as He commanded,
follow Him and obey Him until the very end and you will live.
May Jesus bless you.

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