Thursday, May 25, 2017

Through the FIRE

If you follow Jesus Christ
He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and with Fire. Jesus calls us
and not just to believe in Him but to obey Him. If we obey the gospel
of Jesus Christ and do what He commanded, which means to repent, turn
away from sin, turn away from following after our own desires, our
own plans, and go after Him, be baptized in water, then He will
baptize us with the Holy Spirit; and if we keep on following Him He
will baptize us with fire.
If you follow Jesus
Christ, you obey His words, then you will immediately experience
fire. If you turn away from sin and from your worldly friends to
follow Jesus, you will experience persecution, rejection. If you do
what Jesus requires of you, you will suddenly find yourself alone.
Those who once loved you will hate you. If you go after Jesus and you
abandon your own ways, you will have to trust in Him. You will have
to pray ask Him for His guidance, and you will find yourself in the
wilderness; because you will not know what to do. But if you trust
Him, He will guide you, He will teach you. You will go through the
fire of anxiety, depression, rejection, and you will have to decide
whether you will abandon Jesus and go back to your own ways, or
whether you will endure through your tribulation.
You will go through
suffering because your faith will be tested. You might not just lose
your friends, you might lose your job and much more. Your family
might reject you. Will you choose your family? Will you deny Jesus
and go back to your church friends that no longer accept you, because
you've become a disciple of Jesus, and you're not just playing
church, being part of the club, but suddenly you've become serious.
Will you choose to go to church and associate with sinful Christians
that have a no desire to follow Jesus or will you stay with Jesus.
When Jesus speaks to you,
when the Holy Spirit convicts you of sins in your life, things that
separate you from Him, sinful attitudes, worldly things, your idols,
will you get rid of those idols? Will you repent of those sins when
the fire starts burning you? Will you give up? Will you turn back or
will you follow Jesus Christ through that fire.
Jesus will use the fire of
persecution, rejection, suffering, to purify you, to test your faith,
because our faith has to be tested and only those who endure with
Jesus and stay with Him until the very end; only they are worthy of
Him and only they will enter His kingdom. Will you endure the fire
and go with Jesus or will you give up and go back to your sin, go
back to your worldly friends? Will you give up? Jesus said, the one
who endures until the end will be saved. Those who give up are not
worthy of Him. He said that the one who puts his hand to the plow and
looks back is not worthy of Him. Many believers never started
following Jesus. Some started and when the fire started burning them
they withdrew. They gave up. To them it is all in vain.
We have to endure with
Jesus until the very end. It will be a lonely road. It will be a
harsh road, but Jesus will be with us if we stay with Him. We can
only win the prize of eternal life if we endure and stay with Jesus
until the very end. Will we endure the fire baptism of Jesus Christ?
Will we prove our faith through our endurance, our obedience to Him,
when we go through the fire?
May Jesus bless you.

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