Saturday, May 27, 2017

Your Purpose

A child of God has one
purpose, and that is to give glory to God. Jesus Christ said to His
disciples:"You will be My witnesses." We are called to be
witnesses for Jesus Christ, that He is alive, that He is God. But how
can we be witnesses, how can we talk about something or someone that
we do not know? Most Christians have no testimony. They cannot tell
you about Jesus. They can tell you about the Bible, about their
church, about their pastor, but they cannot tell you anything about
Jesus Christ because they don't know Him.
We can only talk about
Jesus and be His witness if we know Him, and we only get to know Him
if we believe in Him and we obey Him. Jesus said that if we believe
in Him we must follow and obey Him. We must repent repent of sin,
repent of our senseless existence, going after our own desires, and
we have to go after Him. We have to be baptized in water. That is
what He commanded, and He promised to reveal Himself to those who
obey Him, and they get to know Him. He promised His Holy Spirit in
them. The Spirit of Christ will come and dwell in them and He will
teach and guide them, and they will know Him for real.
Why is it that most
Christians have no testimony of Jesus? They are taught that they must
witness, but all that they talk about is the Bible and the church
because they do not know Jesus Christ. I am a witness for Jesus.
Jesus Christ saved me from myself. I was on my way to hell. I was
living a life of sin and of self gratification. I was ambitious, I
ran after my own desires, but then the Holy Spirit of Christ
convicted me and I came on my knees before Jesus, and I said:"Lord
if you want me, then I want to follow You" and Jesus Christ
changed me. I have no desire for the things of the world. I hate sin
and I love Jesus and I want to follow Him. Jesus gave me His Holy
Spirit and He guides me. He teaches me, He provides in all my needs.
He is my life, He gives me everything that I need. Jesus Christ is
alive. I am a witness for Jesus Christ because I know Him for real.
He speaks to me. He answers my prayers. Jesus Christ is my father, He
chastises me, He teaches me His ways, He corrects me when I go wrong.
All His ways are loving kindness and I want to stay with Him until
the very end because He is God, He is Almighty. He has given me life.
Jesus Christ is alive. He is God, He is Almighty and that is why I am
here to testify. Jesus Christ guides me every day because I stay with
Him. I live for Him, I love for His kingdom. He reveals Himself to
me. Jesus Christ is my Lord, my God, my Master. Do you know Jesus
Christ for real? Can you witness about Jesus? Can you serve your
purpose? Our only purpose is to be witnesses for Jesus Christ and if
we do not serve that purpose, we will not enter His
Many Christians deny
Jesus, they pretend they do not know about Him. They just do not talk
about Him. Jesus said if we deny Him in front of this wicked
generation then He will also deny us before His holy angels. Are you
a witness for Jesus ? Do you know Him? Are you serving your purpose
that Jesus called you for? Are you bringing glory to Him?
May Jesus bless you.


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