Saturday, May 13, 2017

Experience Jesus Christ

You have to experience
Jesus Christ to be able to know Him. You will only experience Jesus
Christ if you truly believe in Him and if you obey His words. You
will only experience Jesus Christ if you obey the gospel of Jesus
Christ, if you repent and turn away from sin and are baptized in
water, because then Jesus will reveal Himself to you. He promised His
Holy Spirit in those who obey Him.
Most professing Christians
have not experienced Jesus Christ and therefor they do not know Him.
It is only if you trust in Him and if you pray and He answers your
prayer in such a way that you know beyond any doubt that it was Him
that answered, that you will truly get to know Him. It is only if you
keep on trusting in Him and keep on obeying Him that you will
experience the hand of God in your life. Most believers do not
believe. They pray without faith they do not receive. Most believers
do not repent of their sin, they do not obey Jesus, they do not get
baptized in water, they are not committed to following Him. They are
not committed to obeying His words and therefore they never
experience Him and they never get to know Him. It is to those that
Jesus Christ will say when they die:"Go away I never knew you,
you workers of wickedness." Many of them are preachers, many of
them are Bible scholars, many of them are devout church people,
religious people, but they have never experienced Jesus Christ. They
will tell you that He does not speak but Jesus Christ speaks, His
sheep hear His voice and they follow Him. They experience him every
day, because they obey His words, they trust Him and they follow Him.
Have you experienced Jesus
Christ and do you experience Him every day? Do you truly believe and
have you come to know Jesus Christ for real?
May Jesus bless you.

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