Monday, May 1, 2017

Knowing the will of God for YOU

If we are born again
children of God and God is our Father, then we will know the will of
our Father for us. We will know what He requires of us, and as
obedient children of God we will obey Him, we will do what He
requires of us. How can we become children of God? The only way that
we can become children of God is that we must obey Jesus Christ.
We must obey the gospel of
Jesus Christ, the words that he spoke as they were also recorded in
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If we obey the words of Jesus then He
will reveal Himself to us. If we truly believe in Jesus then we will
obey Him and He will reveal Himself to us. Jesus said:"The one
who loves Me, is the one who obeys My commands, and Me and My Father
will come and dwell with him, and I will reveal Myself to him, I will
disclose Myself to him. Jesus also said:"If you love Me, keep my
Commandments." He said:"Why do you call me Lord, Lord and
do not what I say? If we do not obey the gospel of Jesus then we do
not love Him and He will not reveal Himself to us we will not know
Him for real; we will not be born again and we will not be children
of God. We will not know the will of God, we will be a fumbling in
darkness. Those who are being led by the Spirit of God, they are the
children of God. God gives His Spirit in those who obey Jesus
Christ, those who repent of their sin, and of going after their own
mind and obey the commands of Jesus Christ. If we do not turn away
from following our own mind, listening to other people, how can we
trust and follow Jesus? How can we be led by the Holy Spirit?
The words of Jesus his
commands are recorded in the Bible, in the scriptures, (the gospels)
but we must obey them in order to get to know Jesus. Many believe
that they will have salvation by studying the Bible and applying
biblical principles, that is not what Jesus said. Jesus said:"Follow
Me." He said:"Obey my words and I will reveal Myself to
you." You will be born again of the Spirit of God and you will
hear from God. If we do not hear from God and He is not our Father,
or either we are not interested in what He is saying, or we are
disobedient children. We cannot be pleasing to God if we do not know
and do His will. Jesus explained to us how God wants us to live.
That is His commands, His words as recorded in the Gospels, but we
can only do the will of God if we hear from Him. He is the Living God
and He speaks.
Jesus said:"My sheep
hear My voice, they listen and they follow Me." The question is:
Do we love Jesus? Do we trust Him? Do we obey His words? Do we live
according to His commands? Have we repented of sin and repented of
our own ideas our own mind, and are we seeking the mind of Christ?
Are we seeking the will of God? Are we seeking to hear from Jesus?
Are we seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit or do we follow our
own mind? Do we follow after our own desires? Have we designed our
own religion? Do we go to the church of our choice and do we just
practice religion, or have we become children of God? Do we know our
Father? Do we know His voice? Do we do that which is pleasing to Him?
If we don't it is in vain that we call ourselves children of God,
because we are in darkness, we don't know Jesus, we don't know God.
Most believers don't know God. They just believe what they do not
God did not send us a
Bible, He sent us the Holy Spirit, His Holy Spirit He gives in those
who obey the words of Jesus, who repent and are baptized and who seek
to follow Him. Do we know the will of God for our life, his purpose
for me or for you? Do we seek His will every day and do we do it, or
are we following after our own desires, our own mind, the wisdom of
other people? Are we truly seeking the will of our Father and are we
doing it. We can only be pleasing to our Heavenly Father to Jesus
Christ, if we know His will and do His will. Are we doing that which
is pleasing to Him.
May Jesus bless you.

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