Saturday, May 6, 2017

You Cannot FIX Church

When believers become
serious about following Jesus Christ then they quickly realize that
there are many things in their church that are not right. The truth
is that you cannot fix church because church is an organization that
is run by people on the basis of doctrines of men. You cannot fix the
church organization because the church organization belongs to people
it, does not belong to Jesus Christ. Neither is Jesus Christ welcome
in there.
If you meet Jesus Christ
and become serious about following Him you have to get out, you have
to turn away. You have to repent from other doctrines and the
practices of church and you have to follow Jesus Christ as his
disciple. You have to be led by the Holy Spirit and you have to be
taught by Jesus Himself because the doctrines of the church only
support the church, they are not of the kingdom of God. The words of
Jesus, the gospel of Jesus Christ, as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke
and John, those are the words of the kingdom of God. Those are the
words by which we must live, those are the commands that we have to
follow every day. We have to obey Jesus, repent and be baptized in
water, be filled with the Holy Spirit and then be led by the Holy
Spirit. We have to follow Jesus. The kingdom of God is not about
going to church or fixing the church. You cannot fix the church. The
kingdom of God is about denying yourself, pick up your cross every
day, turn your back on the world, turn your back on church
institutions, and follow Jesus Christ. Become the church, the body of
Christ, of which He Himself is the head. Jesus Christ is the Head of
the True Church, the Body of Christ and each and every member of that
body listens to the Head. They are led by the Holy Spirit. You cannot
fix church. Get out of church and follow Jesus Christ or you will
perish with your church.
May Jesus bless you.

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