Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Repentance is not just words

Repentance is not just
words, you need to take action. Repentance does not mean just to
change your mind, and to make a statement. It does not mean to say or
recite a sinner's prayer after somebody else. Repentance means to
change your ways to turn away from your evil ways. To turn from the
direction which you were going, and to go after Jesus Christ. If you
repent and obey the gospel of Jesus Christ you will experience Jesus
Christ for real, but if you don't, nothing will happen and you will certainly end up in hell.
To repent means to turn away from the way that you used to live, the sins that you used to
do, to stop sinning, to stop going to the same places of evil, to
stop doing the same sins; to stop cursing, stop stealing, stop
fornicating, stop watching pornography, stop going after your idols,
watching TV all day, playing with your cell phone. It means to turn
away from living your life to please yourself, to go after your own
desires and your own pleasure, and to go after Jesus Christ, to obey
His words. You have to take action, clean up your life, get rid of
your idols. You have to take action, you have to show Jesus Christ
that you are serious or else your repentance is just idle words,
empty words, meaningless. He will not take you seriously because you
are not serious. If you do repent you will experience Jesus Christ,
you will experience resistance from the friends that you used to have
when you do not go to the same places anymore, when you do not take
pleasure in the same sins anymore, when you do not participate in the
same things anymore, and people will say that you are crazy. They
will reject you, they will persecute you. You might even lose your
job if you stop lying and stop cheating, stop doing the things
that you used to do you will lose your sinful friends you will find
yourself all on your own, but you will experience Jesus Christ.
You have to fully obey the
gospel of Jesus Christ, turn away from the way that you used to live,
turn away from sin turn away from your own desires seek the will of
God. You have to be baptized in water because that is a public
confession that you have died to sin, and now you are going to follow
Jesus Christ. You have to take that action. You have to demonstrate
by your deeds that you love Jesus and that you are going after Him.
Then He will manifest Himself to you. You will experience the
presence and the peace of Jesus Christ as you go after Him, but when
you turn your back on Him and you might go back to sin, then you will
know that you are not with Jesus anymore. You have to go after Jesus
all the time to experience Him. You have to totally repent and
dedicate yourself to Jesus.
You cannot repent every
day, do the same sins every day and just say you are sorry. You never
repented, you never turned from your sin and you never started
following Jesus Christ; but once you have repented, you have to stay
with Jesus. Keep on going after Him. Keep on living in obedience to
Him, and He will reveal Himself to you, you will experience Him. You
will hear a voice in your ear saying to you: Turn right, or turn
left, or don't do this, don't do that, or ,go the other direction. He
will tell you what to do. He will guide you, He will teach you. But
you first have to repent, you have to demonstrate to Jesus and to the
whole world, then Jesus will be manifested in you. The world will see
Jesus in you, they will hate you, they will persecute you; but you
have to choose whether you go with your friends to hell, or whether
you follow Jesus Christ and have eternal life. Without true
repentance no man will enter the kingdom of heaven, without holiness
no man shall see God. You have to repent, stop sinning stop, doing
your own things, be holy, seek the will of God, do the will of God,
go after Jesus Christ every day until the very end to enter the
kingdom of heaven. Have you truly repented? Do you experience Jesus
Christ as real? Do you hear His voice? Do you follow Him every day?
Do you experience Jesus Christ as real?
May Jesus bless you.

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