Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, God with us. Jesus calls us to a relationship WITH Him where we FOLLOW HIM every day. LISTEN to His voice ad DO what He commands us to do. He promises us and INHERITANCE, the Kingdom of God, TO THOSE who endure WITH HIM, who stay WITH HIM until the very end, who love Him and who obey Him and who DO His will.
Most believers are practicing religion, a rule book, but they do not have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. They are not led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus gives His Holy Spirit in those who connect with Him, who repent from evil, who repent from sin, repent from their own ways and accept Him as Lord, who follow Him wherever He sends them, who OBEY His words, who are baptized in water and who SEEK HIM EVERY DAY, He GUIDES them by His Spirit. They are IN TUNE with Him, in spiritual union, they KNOW the MIND OF CHRIST because He SPEAKS TO THEM. Their relationship with Him is REAL, they FOLLOW Him.
Are YOU following Jesus Christ in a REAL RELATIONSHIP? Do you know Him? Do you LISTEN to His VOICE every day? Do you WAIT on Him? Do you live your life to please Him? Do you SEEK Him always? Or are you busy with RELIGION, quoting scriptures, playing church? Because then you don't know Jesus! Then you have no relationship with Him and He will say to you one day:”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness.” Because You did what YOU pleased. You were never in real relationship with Jesus. You could not do what was pleasing to Him because YOU DID NOT KNOW HIM and you did not follow Him. you did not seek Him and you did not seek to please Him. You were busy with yourself and your own religion, justifying yourself, doing what you please. What makes you think that Jesus will invite you into His kingdom?
Are you busy with religion or are you at UNITY with your Master? Are you in that close relationship, following Jesus and doing His will every day? Are you part of the kingdom of God?

May Jesus bless you.

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