Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No Holiness NO Rapture

The situation in the world today is desperate and the only safe place is WITH Jesus. Many believers see the signs of the times and they are waiting, they are expecting to be RAPTURED out of this world to be with Jesus but these same people do not have a relationship with Jesus right now. Without HOLINESS no man shall see God.
We have to FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus Christ RIGHT NOW. He has put us here for a purpose, for this time, to be LIGHT IN DARKNESS, to bring souls to Him. Many are waiting to be raptured but they are not LIGHT, they are not SALT. They are DARKNESS, they are conformed to this world. We have to be TRANSFORMED into the LIKENESS OF CHRIST through the renewal of our mind. If we have the MIND OF CHRIST we are like HIM and we are WITH HIM right here, right now WHERE WE ARE because WHERE JESUS IS THERE HIS SERVANTS ARE ALSO.
All the calamity in this world right now, GOD IS IN IT, right in it in the center of it because man has turned his back on God and God has not abandoned man. He is drawing man unto Himself. The hand of God is MOVING through calamity, through signs and wonders to DRAW MAN TO HIM so they they will REPENT OF THEIR WICKED WORKS and SEEK HIM and realize that it is because they have rejected Him that these things are happening in the world.
If you are not living in utter righteousness and holiness you cannot be in the presence of God. You cannot be hearing His voice, you cannot be DOING HIS WILL, you cannot be in His presence. To be holy means to be PURE. You cannot be in sin AND in the presence of God. You cannot BELIEVE yourself into heaven, you have to FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST, you have to OBEY Him EVERY DAY. You have to be PURE AND HOLY to live in His presence and to be APPROVED by Him.
Don't expect to be raptured out of trouble if you cannot be WITH Jesus in these circumstance that are controlled BY HIM. Seek Jesus NOW and LIVE in relationship with Him and you will SEE His hand in everything around you, RIGHT NOW.
May Jesus bless you.

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