Monday, November 18, 2013

Serve the Master

Most Christian believers WILL NOT and CANNOT become part of the kingdom of Heaven. They REFUSE to ACCEPT Jesus Christ as LORD and MASTER. Most of them have said a SINNERS PRAYER and have become Bible students and pew warmers instead of becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.
They never committed themselves to Jesus, they never repented, they never stopped sinning, they never stopped going after their own lusts and desires and they never picked up their cross and started following Jesus. Most of them never got baptized in water. They just became ARROGANT because they believe that they are saved but they do not even know Jesus Christ. They do not obey Him and they do not follow Him. They are arrogant and they are slaves to sin and the desires of their flesh, they are worldly people but they believe that they are saved. They never accepted Jesus Christ as the Master of their lives.
If you want to have eternal life you must become part of the kingdom of Heaven. You must SUBMIT yourself to the KING, Jesus Christ and SERVE HIM AS LORD AND MASTER every day of your life. If you do not carry a cross, YOUR OWN CROSS every day and follow Jesus, you WILL NOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. You will not get into heaven without bearing your cross. You WILL GO THROUGH MUCH SUFFERING and you will LEARN OBEDIENCE through what you have suffered. If you are not suffering, bearing a cross learning obedience through your relationship with Jesus Christ you ARE NOT ON THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW ROAD, Jesus Christ is not your master, you ARE NOT part of the kingdom of heaven and you WILL NOT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.
Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your LORD and MASTER? Do you serve Him every day or are you a slave to sin and the lust of your flesh? Who do you serve? Who is your God? Your own lusts and desires, your flesh, or is Jesus Christ your Master? Are you led by the Holy Spirit or are you driven by your own lusts, your own arrogance and your own mind doing what YOU please? Who is YOUR Master? Is Jesus Christ YOUR Master?

May Jesus bless you.

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