Friday, November 22, 2013


The world is living in FEAR, STRESS, ANXIETY and so are most believers also. It is because they do not have Jesus Christ. We are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD and Jesus said that if the light that is in you is darkness, how great is not the darkness. If we ourselves as children of God don't have HOPE, if we don't have a FUTURE, an EXPECTATION then we are DARKNESS and that is why the world is in darkness.
People are FEARFUL of everything, of the ANTICHRIST, they are living in ANXIETY, they are on PSYCHOLOGICAL DRUGS, they STRESS, they CANNOT SLEEP, they are on SLEEPING PILLS. Why is it? It is because of their SIN. They are being convicted by the Holy Spirit but they don't want to stop sinning, they don't want to change their ways, being convicted they are living in fear, anxiety, THEY ARE DARKNESS and they ARE in darkness.
Why is it DARK AROUND YOU and me? If we do not have any LIGHT IN US then we ourselves are darkness. It is no good cursing the darkness. You have got to light a candle, you yourself have got to BE LIGHT and not darkness. You have got to look at yourself and say:”Lord, do I have the LIGHT OF JESUS in me or am I also darkness?” If I am on prescription drugs, living in anxiety and in fear then the LIGHT OF CHRIST is not in me!
Many PROFESS to be Christians, they are full of doctrine and Bible knowledge and SLEEPING PILLS, PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, FEAR but they don't have LIGHT in them because they DON'T HAVE JESUS.
Are YOU light in this world, or are you darkness? Do you have Jesus?

May Jesus bless you.

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