Tuesday, November 5, 2013

You cannot fix church

The Holy Spirit is convicting many people who are sitting in church and then they realize that THEY are not right with Jesus and that the church that they are in is also not right with Jesus. Then they want to fix the church.
Jesus is not calling you to fix the church. He is calling to you FOLLOW HIM and then Jesus will FIX YOU so that you can fit into His kingdom. The kingdom of heaven is not about church or fixing church. It is about following and obeying Jesus Christ.
Come out of church, follow Jesus Christ every day and DO what He commands you to do. BE THE CHURCH, be His hands and feet and His mouth, be guided by His Holy Spirit and He will use YOU for His purpose.

May Jesus bless you.


  1. What specific points are most churches and people not right with Jesus about? Most people think if they are nice and do good things that is good enough.

  2. They do not OBEY Jesus. Most have never repented from sin and following after their fleshly desires. They have not been baptized in water and they are not following Jesus. They have NO relationship with Him.