Thursday, November 7, 2013

Feeding off pulpit junk and religious trash

Most of the world's professing Christians are feeding off the junk that is preached off the pulpits of the the churches of this world. They are listening to the trash that is broadcasted off the channels of the so called Christian broadcasters and preachers. They are reading little books and watching videos. They are not receiving spiritual FOOD from God Himself because “man will not live from bread alone but from every word that proceeds from the MOUTH of God.”
These professing Christians are UNREGENERATED UN-BORN AGAIN SINNERS, they have NO RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, they do not have an EAR FOR GOD, they do not hear His VOICE. They do not follow Him, they are not SONS OF GOD and they are not SHEEP OF THE MASTER. They are just deceived religious FOOLS. They are fooling themselves and they are being fooled by the operators in the pulpits. They listen to RELIGIOUS CATCH PHRASES AND PSYCHOLOGICAL JUNK that tickles their ears and makes them feel good while they themselves have no relationship with God and THEY ARE SPIRITUALLY DEAD.
If you are not HEARING FROM GOD HIMSELF, if you DO NOT HAVE THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST in you, then you are SPIRITUALLY DEAD and religious. If you do not receive BREAD, MANNA from heaven every day, you do not HEAR from God Himself YOU HAVE NO RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM, you are not following Jesus, you are listening to JUNK. You are being fed TRASH, you pay for it and you enjoy it and you are going to hell because you have no relationship with Jesus Christ and God the Father!
Do you LISTEN to the Holy Spirit? Are you following Jesus Christ? Do you have a relationship with God or are you feeding on RELIGIOUS GARBAGE? In the end YOU will be the loser. You need to REPENT! Seek Jesus with all your heart, OBEY Him, be baptized in water, live righteously and holy, seek Him always, follow Him every day and He will reveal Himself to you EVERY DAY. You will HEAR HIS VOICE and you will LIVE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LIVING GOD. WAKE UP BEFORE YOU PERISH!

May Jesus bless you.

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  1. Ive been going to churches where they encourage repenting and babtising. The thing I dont like is this Church of CHRIST church asks each couple to make a "biblical "special donation. $8oo.oo a year per couple for the poor on top of sunday donations. They make everyone feel obligated to donate and ask everyone to fill out cards stating what they will give. A few years ago a post revealed the money went into slush funds. We are told the money is going to South America but there are poor here in US. The other church found out their bookkeepers stole $400,oo over past few years. A few months ago an attorney who worked at THE World bank for 20 years stated the IRS collects our money and it goes to the Vatican so they can HOARD IT and build extravagant guady villas and cathedrals.