Saturday, February 1, 2014

Educated Sheep

The whole world craves education and knowledge as a means to be self-sufficient, self-providing and independent but people become brainwashed with all the knowledge that they accumulate. Instead of learning wisdom and getting to know God they follow their own minds and other people. They are like sheep led to the slaughter because they are brainwashed. They are deceived by their own insight and the opinions of men instead of learning wisdom from God because they don't trust God.
Professing to be wise they have become fools because they have rejected the only true wisdom, Jesus Christ. The accumulation of knowledge cannot save us. Only Jesus Christ can save us. Only those who are led by His Holy Spirit, who willingly follow Him, seek Him and obey Him, only they will have LIFE, in this life and in eternity.
Are you accumulating knowledge or do you seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Are you following Jesus or are you a sheep being led to the slaughter?

May Jesus bless you.

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