Thursday, February 13, 2014


Most professing Christian believers do not KNOW the One in whom they believe. They do not KNOW Jesus. Many of them know scripture, they know the Bible, they know ABOUT Jesus. They go through the motions, they repent, get baptized in water, they attend a church but THEY DON'T KNOW JESUS. They have NEVER MET HIM. Some have met Him but they did not get into that real close relationship with Him.
If we seek Jesus, we find Him but we FIRST need to FIND HIM before we can follow Him! You cannot follow Him if you do not truly KNOW Him, if you don't know His voice. If we draw closer to Him He draws closer to us. If we seek Him with all our heart, we pray, we cry out to Him, we PURIFY ourselves, yearn in our hearts for Him, seek Him day and night, HE WILL MANIFEST HIMSELF TO US, He will SHOW HIMSELF, He will REVEAL HIMSELF that He is REAL, that He is GOD and we will KNOW HIM FOR REAL.
You can only follow Jesus IF you KNOW HIM. You cannot follow Jesus based on what other people say, based on what is written in the Bible, that is hear say! You need to KNOW Him FIRST before you can FOLLOW Him. You find Him on your knees, crying out to Him with all your heart and He will reveal Himself to you. There is no magic, there is no methodology, it is a heart yearning for his Maker.
If we seek Him we find Him and we find LIFE. There is only ONE WAY, get on your knees, cry out to Jesus with all your heart UNTIL He reveals Himself to you, until the sun breaks through and you see the LIGHT and then you will never doubt again.
You FIRST need to KNOW JESUS CHRIST before you can follow Him and you need to STAY WITH HIM all your life to HAVE LIFE. If you leave Him you wither, you DIE. Without Jesus we can do nothing. SEEK Jesus with all your heart and you will find Him.

May Jesus bless you.

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