Sunday, February 9, 2014


Believers seek for directions and examples of how they should live in the pages of the Bible, in the writings of those who have gone before us. They want to emulate the first church, the apostles, but that is not the way. Jesus Christ is THE WAY. We have to be led by the Holy Spirit, not by how the first church lived, not by how things were done in the book of Acts or in the New Testament.
The Kingdom of God belongs to Jesus Christ and those who are led by the Spirit of God, THEY ARE THE SONS OF GOD. Jesus will not hand over His Kingdom to a corporate organization (church), He Himself is LORD and He REIGNS, and every individual follower of Jesus Christ who HEARS HIM and who FOLLOWS HIM is part of that Kingdom, not some corporate organization (church).
The WAY is JESUS CHRIST, being led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ Himself is THE WAY and He is IN CONTROL. Those who are led by His Spirit, THEY are part of His Kingdom.
HEAR His voice, LISTEN and FOLLOW HIM and He will guide you. Do not look for a model or examples, there are none! The Kingdom of Gods is Jesus Christ Himself. HE is the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE. FOLLOW HIM!
May Jesus bless you.

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