Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Knowledge AND Understanding

Many people have KNOWLEDGE. They have knowledge about Jesus, about God, about the Bible but THEY LACK UNDERSTANDING. They want others to explain to them, to interpret for them what they are reading. The reason why they lack understanding is because they do not know Jesus Christ.
If we KNOW Jesus then He GIVES us UNDERSTANDING. We don't need anything but Jesus Christ. He guides His sheep and He teaches them, He gives them insight and understanding, He shares His secret counsel with them. They are not in darkness because they WALK IN THE LIGHT, they follow Him.
Many seek knowledge and they seek understanding but they stay in darkness because they refuse to follow Jesus Christ, they refuse to bend their knees and go to Him and just say:”Lord, please show me. Please give me wisdom, please give me understanding.” Jesus is WAITING for you and me. Those who follow Jesus are never in darkness because He guides them and He shares His secrets with them, they have UNDERSTANDING, they have THE MIND OF CHRIST.
Do you have knowledge without understanding? Then go to Jesus and He will give you understanding. Stay WITH HIM and He will guide you all the way until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.

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