Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Get a Life

The whole world is in a rat race, being controlled and manipulated by other people, being used and abused for their own advantage. Husbands and wives manipulate and control each other. Governments control their people. Churches manipulate and control their members, using the Bible. People are manipulated by peer pressure, convention. They don't want to feel “out” but they are not LIVING, they are not having A LIFE. They are being controlled.
The only way that you can have a LIFE, be FREE is if you follow and OBEY Jesus Christ. “Whomever the Son of God has set free, will be FREE and FREE indeed” IF they STAY with Jesus. If you fear what people think and what they will say then you are a SLAVE, you are in bondage, you don't have life! You can only have LIFE if you follow Jesus Christ and you obey Him. Only Jesus Christ can set you free. Fear Him, OBEY Him and you will have LIFE.
Do you have Jesus? Do you have A LIFE?

May Jesus bless you.

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