Monday, February 24, 2014

The Difference Being Born Again

A person who has come face to face with Jesus Christ, who has fallen on his knees before the King of kings and cried out to Him from his heart is IMMEDIATELY CHANGED, TRANSFORMED, BORN AGAIN. He is immediately a different person. Immediately he realizes his own wickedness and he wants to be clean, he wants to be pure like his Master. He hates sin and immediately Jesus delivers him from his vices, from those things that bind him. Immediately that person is TRANSFORMED, he is like a clean slate, like a white piece of paper and then that person immediately wants to be baptized in water so that he can be washed clean from the sins that cling to him.
If that person stays with Jesus then the likeness of Jesus Christ starts forming on that white page, that clean slate, and you can see Jesus Christ forming in that person but many people become RELIGIOUS and the likeness that forms in them is WICKED, they become pharisees, self-righteous. It is not the likeness of Christ that is in them.
The likeness of Jesus Christ is not built on filth and that is why He gives us a CLEAN SLATE. We are BORN AGAIN, we are CLEAN. But then we have to STAY WITH JESUS and through our relationship with Him, walking WITH HIM daily, we BECOME LIKE HIM. We get changed into His likeness. Have you become like Jesus Christ since you met Him. Did you really meet Him? Did He clean you out? Were you washed clean of your filth immediately?
Many are just indoctrinated but they are fakes, they are false, they were never washed clean, they are trying to be what they ARE NOT. You need to be washed clean by the blood of Jesus. You need to get on your knees before Him and cry out to Him and He will wash you clean. YOU NEED TO CRY UNTIL YOUR TEARS WASH YOU CLEAN. You are a different person IMMEDIATELY because you lose your burdens, you lose your filth, you lose your own personality, you become born again and the likeness of Jesus Christ can be formed in that NEW PERSON that He planted in you.
Have you been BORN AGAIN?

May Jesus bless you.

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