Saturday, February 8, 2014

Trust in THE LORD

Jesus Christ is LORD, all power and all authority belongs to Him. Without Jesus we can do nothing. Many who profess to be Christians trust in other things, they don't trust in Jesus. Many trust in the Bible as though reciting scripture gives them some magical power. They trust in the scriptures, they trust in prophecies, they trust in what other people say but THEY DO NOT TRUST IN JESUS.
It is Jesus Himself, God Almighty, He IS LORD. He is the One whom we must trust. He is the ONE whom we must SEEK and FOLLOW and put our trust in, in Jesus ALONE.
Are you trusting in other things or do you trust in Jesus? Is your hope in HIM? Because Hope in Jesus will not disappoint.
Trust in Jesus. Fear HIM, OBEY Him and FOLLOW Him. Without Him we can do NOTHING.

May Jesus bless you.

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