Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nothing can touch you

When you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Master then you come under His protection and nothing can touch you that He does not allow. But when you accept Jesus as your King, your Lord and your Master you also present yourself to Him as a holy and acceptable sacrifice to His Kingdom, to be used for His pleasure as He pleases.
Jesus does not promise us an easy road or a bed of roses. We will enter the Kingdom of God through much tribulation but whatever path He takes us, whatever tribulation, trial and test we have to go through, He will go with us and we must complete the course. We must follow Him until the end so that we can bring glory and honor and praises to Him. We belong TO HIM, for Him to be used for His Kingdom as He pleases. Whatever comes your way, whether it be hardship, tribulation, sickness, bad fortune, whatever happens, when you belong to Jesus only that which He allows can come to you. But we must stay WITH Jesus.
Many people go away from Jesus, they stray, they go look for trouble and whatever happens to them then is of their own making. They strayed from Him and therefor they removed themselves from His protection and they ran into trouble. We have to STAY with Jesus and thank Him, praise Him in all circumstances. If we did stray we have to come back to Him as soon as we can. Whatever happens to us we must run to Jesus and ask Him why the situation has occurred, why this problem has occurred and He will give us wisdom.
We will see the hand of God in everything if we stay focused on Jesus. Those who are pure in heart, they will see God in everything. Nothing that is outside of the will of God can happen to the child of God who stays WITH Jesus Christ. Are you staying WITH Jesus?

May Jesus bless you.


  1. Dear Brother Justice, for a season this disciple neglected his discipline in prayer time with JESUS. The end result of such lack of discipline was evident in his daily walk with the LORD. The inner man became dull to hear to the voice of the HOLY SPIRIT. In the beginning of the year this disciple returned to his former town to visit some brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS. Because of one brother commitment to daily prayer this disciple was introduced by him to spent some time with the LORD on a little hill just outside town. (It was an old custom that a small group of brothers will get together to pray trough out the night on a little hill outside town following the example of JESUS. This custom has been carried on latter by a few brothers when this disciple left his previous town.) Being invited by a brother for all night prayer time, this disciple was not so willing to go because of travel fatigue of spending 1900 km on the road. But the LORD in HIS good mercy awaked in this disciple a desire to go and to pray with these brothers throughout the night. That night while this disciple was standing most of the time on his feet and praying, he understands again the importance of daily quality prayer in fellowship with JESUS. The end result of that time spent with JESUS on the hill causes a hunger again for this disciple to pray and to have a small little hill of his own to invest more solitude prayer time with JESUS. For this disciple it is now very clear!!! To follow JESUS daily it cannot be possible if his direct prayer time with JESUS is being neglected. Today this disciple has a little rocky hill of his own being provided by the LORD JESUS Himself and is more than willing now to give a total love commitment in solitude prayer time with HIM, for JESUS said to this disciple on the rocky hill, “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Blessings brother Justice!!!

    1. Amen brother. Thank you for sharing. If we do not spend time with Jesus we have no communion with Him. Jesus bless you.