Saturday, April 19, 2014


You can take my possessions away from me, you can take my life, but there is one thing that you cannot take and that is my experience, my experience with Jesus Christ, my testimony, my relationship with Jesus. And that is what I am here to share. Many believers only have their Bible knowledge and their beliefs to share but they don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ because Jesus is not real to them.
Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me, He called me. He made me His servant and I thank Him that I was willing to give up all to follow Him and that is why I have a testimony of the IMPOSSIBLE. Jesus guides you along the IMPOSSIBLE WAYS. You are blessed with trials and tribulations and IMPOSSIBLE DIFFICULTIES but through everything Jesus guides you and you look back and you say that it is only because of Jesus, it is only because you followed Him that you could pass that road, that you could go through what you went through.
Jesus does not take you along POSSIBLE and that is why, if you do not follow Jesus you don't have a testimony. But I can look back and testify to you, Jesus Christ is ALIVE. He is God Almighty because I know Him and He guides me every day. Without Jesus I can do nothing. Without Jesus I cannot live and that is why I share my testimony. I share Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is ALIVE!
Do you know Jesus Christ? What is your experience? Can you only tell me Bible verses or tell me that you BELIEVE that you are saved? Or do you KNOW Jesus Christ? Do you know Him for REAL and do you have a REAL RELATIONSHIP with the Living God? Do you KNOW in your HEART OF HEARTS that nothing can separate you from Jesus because Jesus is faithful and He is ALIVE? How well do you KNOW Jesus Christ? What is YOUR testimony?

May Jesus bless you.

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