Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pure Judgement

Our judgment is not pure, our own judgment regarding ourselves, our own performance, regarding other people and that is why many people will be disappointed on judgment day when they stand before Jesus and they justify themselves about their actions, what they did. We can only have pure judgment if we ask wisdom from God.
A man's own ways are pure in his own eyes but God tests the hearts. That is why the psalmist, king David said:”Test me oh Lord, try me and see if there is in me and evil way and please lead me on the everlasting way.” We must subject our thoughts, our deeds, and our intentions to the scrutiny of the Holy Spirit and ask the Lord to TEST US, to TRY US, to CONVICT US and to CORRECT US or else we will stray, we will be terribly disappointed when we stand before Jesus.
A fool depends on his own judgment but a person who is wise submits himself to Jesus and says:”Lord,
show me the way, show me whether I am on the right way. Show me whether I am pleasing to my Master.”

Pure judgment only comes from God and we must always pray and ask the Lord for guidance to make sure that we are still on the right way, that we are still doing what is pleasing to God. May Jesus bless you.

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