Thursday, April 24, 2014

Why Bible lovers reject Jesus

Religious people love the Bible because they think that salvation, eternal life, is in the Bible, in doing what is written in the Bible BUT doing so according to their own interpretation. They can choose verses as it suits them, they can interpret it to their liking, the way that they see it, their opinion. They can use it to manipulate other people and they can use it to “prove” their own salvation. BUT what they do not realize is that THE BIBLE IS NOT GOD, the Bible is not Jesus Christ!
You will stand before Jesus on judgment day and before Jesus Christ we are all naked (bare), nothing is hidden before Him. He knows every thought, He knows every intention and He knows those who love Him and who fear Him. He knows those who follow Him who LISTEN TO HIS VOICE. He knows those who serve Him as Lord and Master. Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, He is the NARROW WAY, He is the STRAIGHT GATE, the DOOR through which we must enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and HE IS STANDING IN YOUR WAY! The sooner you face Jesus and get to KNOW Him, DO what is pleasing to Him, the better for you because if you do not face Jesus and serve Him as Lord HE WILL TURN YOU AWAY! He will say to you on that day:”GO AWAY I never knew you.” You will not be able to justify yourself, you will not be able to quote Him Bible verses. He will just say:”I don't know you where you are from.”
Do you KNOW Jesus Christ? Do you stand before Him all the time, every day, and plead your case, and make sure that you are pleasing to Him? If you don't you will be sorely disappointed. Get to KNOW Jesus. Follow Him, stay with Him or He will turn you away.

May Jesus bless you.

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