Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sinners and Saints

In this world there are two types of people, SINNERS and SAINTS. SINNERS Belong to satan and SAINTS ARE CHILDREN OF GOD. They do not sin and they follow after Jesus Christ their Lord. Saints are in this world but they are not of this world, they are among sinners but they STICK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB, they don't fit in. They are rejected, hated, persecuted. They are PURE and HOLY. Their lights shine in this dark world. They are SALT and they are LIGHT. They are not part of the world and they are not conformed to the world. They do not go along with the things of this world but God put them here for His purpose to shine HIS LIGHT, to warn, to admonish and to bring light darkness.
God puts saints in amongst the sinners, the darkness, to warn them, to be light in this world and to bring sinners to repentance so that they can be born again and become children of God who are SAINTS. There is nothing in between, you are either a SINNER, a son of satan, or you are a SAINT.
Are you a child of God, a SAINT, or are you a SINNER, a son of the devil?

May Jesus bless you.

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