Friday, April 4, 2014

God in a BOX

The world thinks it can put God in a box, especially the religious people, because they have Bibles and they study their Bibles and therefor they think that they can EXPLAIN God, DEFINE God, MANIPULATE God, ARGUE ABOUT God with scripture because they know the Bible. But they have no knowledge of God because GOD DOES NOT FIT INTO A BOX, He does not fit into our understanding.
Jesus Christ is God Almighty and He reveals Himself to those who HUMBLY seek Him on HIS TERMS. He does nor fit into anybody's definition or understanding but He GIVES UNDERSTANDING to those who HUMBLY BOW BEFORE HIM. He reveals Himself to those who REPENT OF SIN and OBEY Him, who SEEK HIM and who are guided by His Spirit. Those who think that they can put God in a box, especially the religious folk, the Bible believers, they KNOW NOTHING because THEY DON'T KNOW GOD! They don't know Jesus Christ and they deny His POWER, they REFUSE HIS HOLY SPIRIT and that is why they will PERISH IN THEIR SINS.
You need to HUMBLY come before Jesus Christ, SEEK HIM ALWAYS with all your heart, OBEY Him. He will reveal Himself to you and you will be CONSTANTLY IN AWE OF HIM. You will love Him, you will FEAR Him and you will SERVE Him, you will KNOW Him because He will reveal Himself to you. You will be able to take others to Him because YOU KNOW HIM.
Do you KNOW Jesus Christ, or have you put Him in a box? Do you have a PICTURE an IMAGE of Jesus in your mind? An image that you can manipulate and use to your advantage? Or have you met the TRUE LIVING GOD, Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

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