Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dead Faith No Works No Proof

Faith without WORKS, without ACTION on the part of the believer, such faith is DEAD and VOID. Faith without MANIFESTATION or REVELATION on the part of the God in which a person believes is also dead and void, there is no proof.
Most professing Christians do not prove by their actions that they truly believe in Jesus Christ because they do not OBEY His words. They do not live their lives in the way that Jesus commanded His followers to live, they do not live the lives of DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ, so thus they do not prove their faith to be real. Their faith has no proof. Further, they have no testimony of the MANIFESTATION or the REVELATION of Jesus Christ in their lives, so in itself their faith is VOID, EMPTY and DEAD.
Jesus Christ is the LIVING GOD and if we OBEY Him and DO what He commanded us to do, if we REPENT, turn away from sin, are BAPTIZED IN WATER and we OBEY HIS WORDS then He will reveal Himself to us as REAL and the whole world around us will SEE that out faith has substance. Jesus said:”for those who have believed and have been baptized” certain SIGNS will follow, in His Name they will cast out demons, they will lay their hands on the sick and they will recover, they will speak in other tongues... For most believers none of these signs have followed. Their faith is DEAD and VOID, they have no testimony nor proof of their faith in Jesus Christ. They live like the rest of the world, they love the world and THEY ARE SINNERS, they NEVER STOPPED SINNING, they never started obeying Jesus Christ, so by their actions they PROVE that they do not believe in the words of Jesus Christ. Their faith is dead!
Is your and my faith alive? Is there any proof or manifestation? Are their any WORKS, any manifestations that prove that our faith is real and the God that we believe in is alive? Jesus Christ is ALIVE. If your faith is dead it just proves that you do not really believe in Him.

May Jesus bless you.

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