Saturday, February 21, 2015

Get Jesus Christ Not Religion

Most believers have their FAITH, they have their Bibles and their church and they believe that they have everything sorted out. Many believe that they have salvation but if you do not have Jesus Christ you have nothing, I also believed that I was saved, I also believed that according to my interpretation of the Bible and the things that I believed that I was saved and if I would die I would go to heaven. But then I died of a heart attack and I found myself on my way to hell. I learned that I did not have Jesus Christ, I had false security, like most believers do. They can quote you verses from the Bible and they can “prove” their salvation, they have a church and they have their faith but they don't have Jesus Christ. All they have is DEAD RELIGION.
If you do not have Jesus you have nothing. The moment you die you lose everything that you thought you had and then you stand before Jesus Christ and He will say to many people:”Go away I never knew you.” They believed they were saved but they never knew Jesus Christ. You do not find Jesus Christ in a church or in a Bible or in your beliefs. You find Him when you bow down on your knees before Him and you pray and you seek Him with all your heart.
If you seek Him you will find Him and if you find Him He will give you peace beyond all understanding. If you stay with Him you will have HIS PEACE. Without Jesus you have no life, no future, you have NOTHING. Do you KNOW Jesus Christ? Have you found Him? Have you got Jesus? Have you got the PEACE of Jesus in your heart? Seek Jesus, seek HIS PEACE and you will have LIFE. Without Jesus there is no life.

May Jesus bless you.

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