Friday, February 13, 2015

Come out from among sinners BE SEPARATE

If you want to follow Jesus Christ and be acceptable to Him you have to separate yourself from the world and worldly people, from sinners. You cannot go along with them and do the same things because then you will become like them. You cannot watch TV, you cannot associate with worldly people. You cannot seek the acceptance and approval of men because then you will deny Jesus Christ and you will turn away from Him, you will become conditioned to the world.
If you associate with worldly people they will pull you down, they will take you away from Jesus and you will perish. You have to separate yourself and follow Jesus Christ, you must have the MIND OF CHRIST not the mindset of worldly people because they have different values, they do not have the values of the kingdom of God. You have to separate yourself from church people, from all people, separate yourself unto Jesus and seek His approval. Then you will be hated, and rejected and persecuted by this world, but if you are accepted by them, if they like you much then you are not acceptable to God.
The world loves the false prophets, the false preachers, because they approve all matter of wrongdoing, they are worldly, they are not of the Kingdom of God. If you are acceptable to the world and you fit into the world then you fit out of the kingdom of God. Separate yourself unto Jesus, be holy, be righteous and seek His approval in everything or else you will not be suitable for the kingdom of Heaven and Jesus will reject you.
Be separate, be holy, be righteous and Jesus will accept you.

May Jesus bless you.  

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