Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Penetrating Prayer

Most people's prayers never get through to God. Most people are just not serious about getting through to God and that is why they will often say that their prayers are not answered, they are not answered. If you are not DESPERATELY SERIOUS to speak to God to COMMUNE WITH HIM then your prayers will not be answered, He will NOT HEAR THEM.
When Jesus Christ prayed in the garden of Gethsemane before He was crucified His persperation, His sweat, became like drops of blood. He was agonizing in prayer. If you are not serious with God, if you are not desperately seeking an answer, if you are not desperately seeking to get through to Him then you will nto get through to Him.
You need to pray with ALL YOUR HEART, you need to humble yourself before Him and cry out, you need to go with the expectation, the desire of getting an answer, of getting through to Him, then HE WILL ANSWER YOU. If you are not serious He will not hear your prayers. If you pray with wrong motives or you have sin in your life GOD WILL NOT ANSWER YOUR PRAYER! You first need to REPENT of that sin, plead forgiveness with a serious heart, put your sins and your wickedness away from you, then He will answer you. God is not impressed by many words, He knows the intention of our heart. We need to cry out to Him from our inner man, from our soul with a THIRST and a HUNGER, with an EXPECTATION of receiving an answer from Him, then He will answer our prayers, if we are SERIOUS, if we are WILLING to PRAY UNTILL HE ANSWERS.
Many people say that God does not speak to them, they do not know His voice. It is because they are NOT SERIOUS, they don't really WANT to hear His voice. If you seek Him with all your heart you will find Him. If you decide to pray UNTIL He answers then He WILL answer you. You have to WANT Him more than food, more than anything else. You have to YEARN for Him with everything that is in you, HUNGER AND THIRST and He will satisfy you, He will FILL you but you first have to EMPTY yourself out of all wickedness, all sin, of all impurity. Cry out to Jesus with all your heart and your PRAYERS WILL PENETRATE INTO THE THRONE ROOM OF GOD and you will KNOW that you have been in the presence of God. But you have to CRY OUT with ALL your heart.

Be serious and your PRAYERS WILL PENETRATE INTO THE THRONE ROOM OF GOD. Seek Jesus with all your heart and you will find Him.

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