Saturday, February 28, 2015

Speaking from EXPERIENCE

It is only when you KNOW and FOLLOW Jesus Christ that you can talk from experience. Most religious people speak things that they do not know nor understand, they have just heard it or read it. Jesus Christ once gave me a revelation, a vision of Joyce Meyers (American Woman Preacher), she was speaking to a whole hall full of parrots, people who listen to her are parrots – they hear what she says, they repeat it but they do not even know what they are saying because they don't know Jesus Christ.
It is only when you walk with Jesus and EXPERIENCE Him, when you pray and He gives you understanding, when you follow Him and He guides you, it is only then that you have understanding, that you can speak from EXPERIENCE.
Most believers are just parrots, they have just heard or read something or they have been taught something but they don't understand what they are saying. Many believers quote King James version Bible but they do not even understand the ancient English, they have no experience of Jesus Christ, they KNOW NOTHING.
If you do not know Jesus Christ and walk with Him every day then you will not gain UNDERSTANDING, you will not have any EXPERIENCE and you will not know what you are talking about. Are you just a parrot, repeating phrases that you have read and heard or do you have EXPERIENCE with Jesus Christ? What is your TESTIMONY?

May Jesus bless you.

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