Sunday, February 1, 2015

Foolish Believers Trust in Churches Preachers and Books

Most Christian believers base their faith and their hope of salvation on their church membership, on what their pastor says or what they read in the Bible but most of them do not know Jesus Christ. If we do not know Jesus and if we do not follow and obey Him we do not have eternal life. The assurance that people get from their church membership and from what their preachers says, from how they understand the Bible, all of that is empty, void, it means nothing because if you do not receive confirmation and assurance from Jesus Christ Himself that He is pleased with you then you have no hope. You have to bond with Jesus Christ, receive the Holy Spirit, be led and guided by the Holy Spirit and receive confirmation from Him every day that He is pleased with you. It is useless to trust in what your church says, what other people say, what you read in books, what you read in the Bible, you cannot build your faith on those things. Your FAITH MUST BE BASED ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST, and if that relationship is not REAL and ALIVE then you have no assurance, you have no hope.
Jesus Christ is ALIVE, He is God, He made the ears, His sheep LISTEN to His voice, they HEAR Him, they FOLLOW Him and they KNOW Him for REAL. They don't read books, they don't assume things from what they read and from what they hear from other people, they HEAR from Jesus Christ HIMSELF.

Do you hear from Jesus Christ? Do you know Him for real? Do you follow and do you OBEY Him and do you have confirmation from HIM that He is pleased with you? May Jesus bless you.

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