Thursday, February 12, 2015

Infant baptism is NOT VALID

Infant baptism is NOT VALID. You can only be baptized AFTER YOU HAVE REPENTED OF SIN and decided to FOLLOW Jesus Christ, to SIN NO MORE and to live in holiness and righteousness IN OBEDIENCE to Jesus Christ. Water baptism is a PUBLIC CONFESSION to the world that you have decided to follow Jesus Christ, to TURN AWAY FROM SIN and from the LUSTS OF THE FLESH to SIN NO MORE and to be BAPTIZED FOR THE WASHING OFF OF YOUR SIN so that you can FOLLOW Jesus in holiness and in righteousness. If you did not REPENT and STOP SINNING and COMMIT to live in HOLINESS AND RIGHTEOUSNESS AND OBEDIENCE to Jesus Christ then water baptism is MEANINGLESS, invalid.
You have to FIRMLY COMMIT TO follow Jesus Christ, to SIN NO MORE but to live in holiness and righteousness as a child of God. An infant cannot repent from sin and your parents cannot make a confession on your behalf. Water baptism is also obedience to Jesus Christ. Many believers refuse to be baptized in water but they DISOBEY Jesus and they will perish. If you want to follow Jesus you obey Him EVERY STEP OF THE WAY and you will have to follow Him through the OBEDIENCE of water baptism as well. If you do not cross that bridge you will not follow Him and you will not be part of His Kingdom. You have to follow Him ALL THE WAY.
Jesus Christ requires UTTER OBEDIENCE of those who follow Him, His disciples OBEY Him. His disciples are DISCIPLINED, they obey Him in everything until the very end. Are you a DISCIPLE of Jesus Christ or just a believer who is deceiving himself?

May Jesus bless you.

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