Friday, February 6, 2015

Lost in Church

If you belong to a church of men then you do not belong to Jesus Christ and you are LOST. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot look for the acceptance of people and the acceptance of God. If you follow Jesus Christ you will be rejected and persecuted, you will become of NO REPUTATION, people will distrust you, they will not understand you because you follow Jesus Christ and you DO what is pleasing to Him.
You cannot look for the acceptance of men and the acceptance of Jesus Christ. Jesus said that those who follow Him will be hated by all men. They will be rejected and persecuted. If you follow Jesus Christ you will not fit into a church because you will seek to please Him, you will obey HIM and you will not look for the acceptance of the church community, fellow believers, you will only look for the acceptance and approval of Jesus Christ.
People who belong to churches are LOST, they are followers of men. Your association must be with Jesus Christ ALONE. Those who follow Jesus Christ they themselves ARE the CHURCH, the BODY OF CHRIST. You cannot belong to a “church,” you become THE CHURCH when you belong to Jesus Christ.
The churches of men are not part of the Kingdom of God. Do you belong to Jesus Christ or to a “church”? Do you follow the Master, Jesus Christ, or do you listen to the pastor?
Follow Jesus Christ ALONE and you will LIVE.

May Jesus bless you.

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