Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christian Prostitution

The born again child of
God is spiritually united with Jesus Christ through the Spirit of
Christ that dwells in him. Those who are being led by the Spirit of
God they are the children of God, and if we do not have the Spirit of
Christ then we do not belong to Him. Jesus Christ gives His Holy
Spirit in those who obey Him, those who obey the gospel of Jesus
Christ, His words, His commands, those who repent and who are
baptized, who are transformed by the Holy Spirit of God, they are
truly born again; and their communion, their relationship is with
Jesus Christ, not with men.
Many Christian believers
have become prostitutes, because they run after men. They have bound
themselves to the churches of men, and not to Jesus Christ. Many have
been born again by the Spirit of Christ, but they do not follow
Jesus. They follow after men and women. They have other spiritual
leaders, teachers, and guides. They do not follow the guidance of the
Holy Spirit, they are spiritual prostitutes and fornicators, because
they bind themselves with other spiritual leaders.
If you bind yourself to a
church organization, or to another spiritual leader and you forsake
Jesus Christ, to turn your back on Him, then you are a fornicator and
an adulterer; you are guilty of spiritual prostitution. If you follow
Jesus then Jesus Christ Himself is everything to you. You do not
follow others your total dedication is to Jesus Christ. You follow
and you obey Him.
Do you belong to a church,
do you follow after the spiritual leaders or are you led by the Holy
Spirit? Are you guilty of spiritual prostitution? Have you forsaken
Jesus and run after flesh? If you belong to Jesus Christ, then you
follow Him alone. He is your Lord, your Master, your Guide, your
Teacher, you everything. Is Jesus Christ you're everything?
May Jesus bless you.

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