Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Human Race is FALLEN

The human race is fallen
and that is why it is separated from God. People have no desire for
purity or holiness, righteousness. They have no conscience, even
professing Christians; they are just hypocrites because in their
heart they are sinners. Most of them live like the world. Even though
they know the truth,they desire the same filth, they watch
pornography, they are involved in incest and all kinds of immorality
because they are fallen creatures, they are not fit for the kingdom
of God.
I was like that, I was a
Christian but I had backslidden. I was back into my old ways of sin
and wickedness, unrighteousness. Many years ago when Jesus had mercy
on me and He called me back to Him, I just realized that I was so
deep in the muck and in the mire, in the sin and in my own
wickedness, that there was no way that I could get out of it, that I
could become pure and holy again, so that I could live in His
presence, so that I can hear His voice and be a true child of God.
When Jesus came knocking at my door and called me back to Him, I
said:"Lord if you want me, I want to come back, I want to be
Your child. I want to live in Your presence, but I'm asking one
thing, and that is, that I want to be ONE person that you can be
pleased with, all the time. I don't want to be a hypocrite. I want to
be a true son of God," and Jesus picked me up He brought me into
His presence, and I want to be holy. I want to be pleasing to Him. I
hate sin and I avoid it at all cost, because I live in the company of
God. I hear His voice, He speaks to me. Many people reject me, but I
don't care, I walk with Jesus. I hear His voice. Jesus calls us to
holiness and righteousness, but we need to be born again, and only
Jesus can change us inside to make us new, to be children of God. He
who is in Christ, is a new creature; you do not want sin, you your
hate filth, you cannot stand it. I used to smoke, now I cannot stand
the smell of smoke. I used to look at the wrong things, watch TV,
participate in the same things that many others do. I hate it, I
avoided it. I don't want it, that's why I don't watch TV. I want to
keep my mind and my spirit pure for Jesus.
If we allow sin to come
into our hearts, into our life, then that separates us from Jesus.
The human race is fallen, but Jesus can pick you up. He can make your
new, and if Jesus has made you knew, you're not a sinner anymore. You
can stumble, but you hate it, and you avoided at all costs, because
you treasure His company and want to be pleasing to Him. I just thank
Jesus and I praise Him that He picked me up out of the mud, He
cleaned me up and I want to be pure and holy and clean for Him. I
want to be suitable for His kingdom.
I want to share and old
gospel song with you, because Jesus Christ lifted me up from the mud,
the sin that I was bound in, and He made me free. I'm a child of God
and I'm free to serve Jesus and do what is pleasing to Him.
“He lifted me up from
the deep miry clay,
and He planted my feet
on the Kings high way, and
this is the reason,
I sing and I shout, for
Jesus came
down, and He lifted me
Dear friend, are you
fallen? Are you stuck in sin? Are you in bondage of addictions and of
sin, the things of this world? Are you dirty, are you in the mud?
Jesus can pull you out. He can pick you up. He can make your new
creature, He can make you His, child so that you can be pure and
holy, live in His presence. That is why Jesus came, to lift us from
our fallen nature, so that we will be sons of God, will SIN NO MORE,
but will walk with the King, and do the will of God.
Call on Jesus and He will
pick you up.
May Jesus bless you.

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