Friday, December 16, 2016

Practicing Christians and Deluded Believers

To be a Christian means to
be a person that practices the teachings of Jesus Christ, a person
who follows Jesus Christ, who lives according to His teachings and
His commands. If we do not practice the commands of Jesus then we
cannot be following Him. If we do not obey His words, then we are not
truly Christians. Many people confess Jesus Christ, they say they
believe in Jesus, but they do not follow Him. They are not
Christians, they are delusional believers. Those people believe that
by simply believing in Jesus and studying His teachings that they
will be saved; but they are not practicing Christians. They are not
followers of Jesus Christ. If you do not practice the words of Jesus,
then you are not His followers, you are not a Christian, you are just
a deluded believer, because in the end Jesus will say to you;"Go
away I never knew you."
Jesus said that:"This
people serves Me with their lips but their hearts are far away from
Me," and that is true about most Christian believers ,because
they are not practicing followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus said:"Why
do you call Me Lord, Lord and you do not what I say?" If we do
not obey and practice the gospel of Jesus Christ, the commands of
Jesus, then we are not His followers, we are just deluded believers
that will end up in hell.
Are you a practicing
Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, or are you just a deluded
May Jesus bless you.

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