Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Do you have the Comforter?

Jesus Christ promised His
Holy Spirit to be in and with every person who obeys His words, who
obeys the gospel of Jesus Christ, who repents, is baptized in water
and lives according to His words. Jesus promised to give His Holy
Spirit to be in such a person, forever, the Holy Spirit, the presence
of Jesus Himself in us and with us, will be with us forever. He will
not leave us, He will not forsake us, He will teach us in all things,
but we have to stay with Him. We have to trust Him, we have to ask
Him for guidance, we have to respect Him. If we go back to sin and we
grieve Him, if we doubt Him, then we will go into darkness.
Jesus never leaves us but
if we turn away from Him then we go into darkness. Have you received
the Holy Spirit? Do you follow His guidance? Do you obey Him, when He
speaks to you? Is He your Comforter or do you find your comfort from
other people, other believers? Is Jesus Christ, His Spirit in you
your teacher, or do follow your own mind? Do you listen to other
people, other teachers? Do ignore the Holy Spirit? Jesus is faithful
and He will take care of us as long as we stay with Him, stay focused
on Him, but if we deny Him and we turn our back on Him, if we ignore
His holy Spirit, then we will perish. Without Jesus we can do
nothing. Have you received the Holy Spirit? Does the Spirit of Christ
dwell in you? Do you listen to Him and do you obey Him, or are you
May Jesus bless you.

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