Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jesus has NOT done it all for you

Many people have been
deceived into believing that they only need to believe in Jesus
Christ to have salvation. They believe that Jesus Christ has done it
all for them, they don't need to do anything, they only need to
believe in Jesus and then when they die they will be received into
heaven. That is not what Jesus Christ said.
Jesus said that if anyone
wishes to come after Him, he must deny himself pick up his cross and
follow Him every day. Jesus said:"If you love Me keep My
Commandments." Jesus said that:"Not everyone who says to Me
Lord, Lord will enter into heaven, but those who do the will of my
Father," and then people quote scripture, they say it is the
will of the Father that they believe in Jesus. That is true, but if
we believe in Jesus, we must obey Him. Jesus Christ gives salvation
to those who obey Him, those who obey His words. If we love Him, we
will obey Him. If we truly believe in Him, we will believe His words.
WE have to stop sinning, WE have to repent, WE have to be holy, WE
have to turn from our wicked ways and follow Jesus Christ, WE have to
go after Jesus. WE have to seek Him, WE have to be baptized in water
in obedience to Jesus, WE have to live according to His words, WE
have to strive hard to enter into the kingdom of heaven, because many
will try and not be able.
Many believe that Jesus
has done all of that for them and they cannot understand that when
they believe in Jesus, that they are still tempted to do wrong, they
still have wrong thoughts, they still have wrong desires, but they
have never committed themselves to Jesus. Turn off the TV. Throw it
out of your house, stop watching pornography. Jesus was very clear,
He said if your right eye makes you stumble, pluck it out and throw
it away from you, it is better for you to go through life without one
of their members than to end up in hell with a perfect body. YOU have
to stop sinning, YOU have to do what is pleasing to Jesus, YOU have
to seek Him. Jesus has not done it all for you. Jesus said:"Follow
Me." If you want eternal life, YOU have to follow Jesus, YOU
have to obey Him. Jesus Christ promised his Holy Spirit to be in
those who obey His words, his Commandments, as they are also recorded
in the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Repent and be baptized,
turn away from your wicked ways, and live your life to please Jesus,
in obedience to His words. Pray seek Him with all your heart, and He
will reveal Himself to you. He will give His Holy Spirit in you to
teach you and to guide you, but then you have to go after Him.
You have to listen, you
have to seek Him every day until the very end. YOU have to endure
with Him until the end. Many will try hard and not be able to enter
the kingdom of heaven. Many will give up before the end of their
lives, and they will end up in hell. You have to follow Jesus until
the end.
Jesus has not done it all
for you. YOU have to overcome, YOU have to overcome sin, YOU have to
overcome the desires of the flesh, and YOU have to run the race with
endurance until the very end, YOU have to go after Jesus every day of
your life. It is a struggle and very few will make it. Jesus has not
done at all for you dear friend. YOU have to walk the walk, YOU have
to follow Jesus Christ until the very end.
Go and read the words of
Jesus as they are recorded in the Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke and
John, and WAKE UP. Wake up to the truth, get down on your knees and
repent, seek Jesus with all your heart, and obey Him or else you will
perish. Go after Him follow Him until the very end. There is only one
way to have eternal life, and that is to follow Jesus until the end.

May Jesus bless you.

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