Friday, December 2, 2016

The PAIN of Leaving Church

Church organizations are man-made institutions that do not and cannot submit themselves to Jesus Christ, because they are not part of the kingdom of God. The church serves itself and not the kingdom of God. Many people are born into church and they are indoctrinated into the doctrines and the teachings of the church. Those believers who are serious about their eternal destination and their relationship with Jesus Christ quickly discover that the teachings and the doctrines of the church do not line up with the words of Jesus Christ, that are the words of eternal life. If they start questioning the teachings and doctrines of the church they are quickly branded as troublemakers and they are pushed out, they are excluded.

Many people who discover the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ become unsettled in their church and they seek the truth. When they confront the leadership of the church organization with the truth they are branded as troublemakers and heretics, and they get pushed out of the church. It is extremely unsettling for these people to be pushed out of the church that they have been in since they were born or since they first believed in Jesus Christ. But the only way to follow Jesus Christ is to separate yourself from the church and its doctrines. You cannot be part of a church organization and part of the kingdom of God. You cannot serve two masters,you cannot be loyal to the church and be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

When you oppose the church organization with the truth, the persecution starts. The persecution and can be severe and many people cannot handle the rejection by those people who who once where their friends, their fellow believers, but you have to make up your mind and follow Jesus Christ if you want to go after Him.

Many people get so involved in trying to correct the errors of the church that they do not even realize that they themselves, even though they have discovered the shortcomings of the church, that they themselves are not suitable for the kingdom of heaven; that they themselves are not following Jesus Christ. They fail to realize that it is about their relationship with Jesus Christ. You cannot change the church organization, you have to work out your own relationship with Jesus Christ.

Separate yourself from everything and everybody that stands between you and the truth, between you and following Jesus Christ. You need to work on your own relationship with Jesus. Get out of church and get into your prayer closet. Start seeking Jesus Christ with all your heart and you will discover many more

lies that you have been taught ,that you've been indoctrinated with, you will discover many more things that you believed to be true, that are actually deception. Jesus Christ will guide us into all truth if we follow Him. There is only one way to walk in truth and that is to be led by the Holy Spirit of God and when you walk with Jesus you will find yourself on your own, with Jesus, for most of the time. Following Jesus Christ is a lonely road. You will not find much fellowship with other believers who are serious about following Jesus, but your fellowship will be with Jesus Christ Himself. Once you have secured your own relationship with Jesus Christ and you have become a disciple, a true follower of Jesus Christ, you will be able to make other disciples, to bring others into fellowship with Jesus Christ, and that is what Jesus Christ call us for. Man-made church organizations are Antichrist, they only benefit themselves. Separate yourself from those. Go after Jesus Christ. Seek Him with all your heart He will guide you, and He will each you. Stay with Him until the very end and you will have eternal life. Jesus Christ alone is the way the truth and the life, follow Him.

May Jesus bless you.


  1. Thank you for your teaching, however would like to ask a question, our church, very small really is very much like your words, but last night a young preacher said from the bible we can ot forsake gathering together, so it was a message to always go to church. what do you say?

    1. Jesus says we must follow and obey HIM. Jesus does not tell us to always go to church. Who do we obey? Jesus or the preacher? Who are we following?
      May Jesus bless you.