Monday, December 5, 2016

Meaningful Prayer

Most people's prayers are meaningless. They are just an idle repetition of words because they
pray the same rhyme, the same words over and over again. Those
prayers do not reach the throne of God. God does not listen to those
If we pray, then we must believe that God is listening. If we go to Jesus in prayer, we must
be serious. If we do not believe that He is alive and that He hears
our prayers, and that He cares for us, that He will answer our
prayer, then we are wasting our time. Many people complain that when
they go and pray, they have all kinds of thoughts entering their
mind. Are they really praying? Are they really talking to Jesus? Or
are they just repeating some senseless words, things that they
believe are the right things to say.
If we do not speak to Jesus from our heart then we are wasting our time. If we recite
prayers that are people have written, that is a meaningless
repetition of words. Even if we recite the Lord's prayer, it is
meaningless, if we do not pray it with faith. If we do not mean what
we are saying then we are playing into the air, we are wasting our
time, because those prayers will not be answered. We have to pray,
meaning it. We have to go to Jesus and pray what is in our heart.
Prayer is our communication with God. If we just send loose words,
rhymes idle repetition of words, into the air, in the hope that
somewhere it will be caught up, that God my hear it, then we are
wasting our time. We need to first believe that Jesus is real, that
He is alive and we must go to Him meaning it. We must pray what is in
your heart. If you have nothing to say, or you don't know what to
say; tell the Lord, say:"Lord I don't know what to say."
Maybe you just feel lonely, or sad, and you're looking for comfort;
then go and pray, talk to Jesus. Tell Him how you feel, tell Him your
anxiety, your confusion, your fear, your need. Speak to Him
earnestly, from your heart, He will hear you, and He will answer you,
but if you just repeat a lot of words, if you just go to Jesus with a
shopping list; a list of the things that you want, do not think He
will listen to your prayer. He answers those who pray to Him from the
heart, who mean it, who are speaking to Him. Those who are not just
praying into fresh air, just not saying idle words. If you go to
Jesus in prayer, do so meaning it. You will receive an answer.
Many people say a prayer every night before they go to bed. That is useless, it's
meaningless. They just go to quickly ask forgiveness of their sins
for the day and hope that they will be ok with God. They're wasting
their time. If you're not serious about talking to Jesus, if you do
not really have Him in your mind, and if your focus is not on Him, if
your words do not come from your heart, and you're not serious about
it, then God will not hear your prayer. Jesus rewards those who
diligently seeking Him, who pray to Him from the heart. Pray to Jesus
from your heart, believing, and He will answer your prayers.
May Jesus bless you.

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