Thursday, December 15, 2016

It Is Time to Grow Up

Most professing Christians
never grow up to maturity, they never become disciples, followers of
Jesus Christ. They are spiritual babies and they remain babies until
they either die or they fail. They fall away because they never grew
into men, mature followers of Jesus Christ. Even those who are born
again very seldom become grown mature children of God. Most of then
stay with the first principles of repentance, deliverance ,and
learning the first principles of the faith. Many of them and never
get past those first principles. Many of them never repent, others
are never baptized in water, and most of them are never baptized in
the Holy Spirit, so very few of them ever come to the point where
they follow the voice of Jesus Christ, and they become mature
disciples of Jesus.
If we do not grow to
maturity in Christ and become followers of Jesus, who are led by the
Holy Spirit, not by every whiff or every wind of teaching and
learning, running after people; if we do not get to the point where
we walk with Jesus in confidence in Him, trusting Him, being faithful
to Him, doing His will, then we will not survive dear friends. It is
time to grow up in our walk with Jesus, not just to be believers who
fool ourselves. Many only know Bible verses, they are religious, and
they repeat the same teachings over and over again, they run after
the teachings of other people they run after the prophecies of other
people, but they themselves have no relationship with Jesus. They are
spiritual babes, and when the trials of life come they fall over they
fall away, they backslide, they fail, they never become men in
Christ. Iit's time to grow up dear friend, or else you will not make
it into the kingdom of heaven.
We have to grow up and
become fully fledged children of God, born again men and women of
God, who follow Jesus Christ every day, listen to His voice, who are
not deterred by every new teaching or every new revelation from
somebody. If you know Jesus Christ you're not deterred by anything.
You listen to Him and you follow Him. Those who are being led by the
Spirit of God they are the sons of God, they are disciples of Jesus
Christ, they are the Warriors of God, who do the will of God.
It's time to grow up, it's
time to get serious with Jesus, and to start walking with Him or else
you will perish on the road. Only those who endure with Jesus until
the very end, only they will win the prize of eternal life; only they
will enter the kingdom of heaven. Are you a spiritual babe or have
you grown to maturity? Are you following the Master? It is time to
grow up.
May Jesus bless you.

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